A little about us


STeel Distribution

Hulick Metals has been locally owned and operated since we opened our doors in 1988 in a 5,300 square foot shop on Buckbee street in Rockford IL. In May of 1993 we broke ground on a brand new 10,500 square foot facility on American Road in Rockford. Just 8 months after moving to our new place we had to expand with another 4,000 square foot addition to accommodate the growing company. In 1995 we opened another branch in the greater Chicago area. Since then we have been going strong with the idea that not only do we need to be a vendor to our customers but we need to be friends as well. Helping with what we can to make sure we can get you your material as fast as we can and at the best price we can offer. Hulick Metals has always strived on our honesty and integrity. We believe in treating you as friends and family not just customers. Because without you, we would not be here.